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Attributions and Thank Yous


I use free and/or open source software (FOSS) almost exclusively. The center of my workflow is Blender. I literally couldn't do Poison Fruit without it. I also extensively use Inkscape, for textures, layout, and lettering, and GIMP, for textures and mattes. Other applications that I sometimes find helpful are Makehuman, for roughing out character models, Fontforge, for creating and tweaking fonts, and Google Earth Pro, for finding my way around (real) Italy. Massive thanks to all the people who keep these projects going!


To the best of my knowledge, I have usage rights for every asset used in Poison Fruit. Actually, I create the majority of them from scratch. For the remainder, I try to attribute the creator, even if not specifically required by the license. But I may have missed one, so if you think I have used one of your assets and don't see your name here, then let me know and I will add it.

Where I give a page number, it is the first page where I used the asset.


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WIP. Narrow Street in Venice. Petr Kratochvil. Public Domain.

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pp. 19-23. Hedge Textures. user paramecij.

p. 26. Clouds and sky over the scenic landscape at Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Good Free Photos

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p. 61. white marble 007.

p. 61. Orestes Pursued by the Furies. Carl Rahl. 1852. Public Domain.

p. 61. Peacock. User jemastock.

p. 61. Peacock feathers. User charen_art.

p. 61. Nemesis (The Great Fortune). Albrecht Dürer. 1501-1502. Public Domain.

p. 68. Der Schwarznussbaum. Böhringer Friedrich. CC BY-SA 2.5 Generic.

WIP. arc pavement 001.

WIP. Classic Black and White Marble Checker Tile Texture (Marble 0013).


Bangers. Vernon Adams. OFL 1.1

Italic Hand Medium. George Williams. OFL 1.1

Kalam. Indian Type Foundry. OFL 1.1

Bugboo SSI. Creator unknown. Public Domain?

Please Don't Leave. Nate Halley. CC-BY SA 3.0

Mouse Memoirs. Brian J. Bonislawsky. OFL.

Liquid-Hardik. Hardik Mistri. Freeware.

The rest of the fonts used were either created by me or, more often, purchased in the 1990s on commercial CDs.