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Poison Fruit - Page 18 - Chapter 2: The Perfect Marriage. A view of the Tuscany habitat from space. Poison Fruit - Page 19 - The camera zooms in from above on the gardens
    of the Villa di Castello outside Florence, to show a woman seated by a fountain holding a lute. Poison Fruit - Page 20 - Bosola arrives and gives a sealed message to 
    Isabella, Duchess of Calabria. Poison Fruit - Page 21 - Isabella presses Bosola for more details on Lodovico's current welfare. Poison Fruit - Page 22 - Bosola leaves. Isabella begins musing about her past history with Lodovico. Poison Fruit - Page 23 - Isabella remembers her youth in Florence. Poison Fruit - Page 24 - Isabella remembers her first meeting with Lodovico when they were both teens. Poison Fruit - Page 25 - Isabella's flashback continues to her marriage to Paolo. Poison Fruit - Page 26 - Isabella thinks about her disappointment in early marriage. Poison Fruit - Page 27 - Isabella's flashback continues: she remembers how disgusting rumors about her circulated in Florence. Poison Fruit - Page 28 - Isabella's flashback continues: the incest rumor sparks a confrontation between Paolo and Cosimo. Poison Fruit - Page 29 - Isabella's flashback continues: Cosimo tells Paolo that Isabella will keep her dowry and live in Florence. Poison Fruit - Page 30 - Isabella's flashback continues: Paolo and Lodovico ride away, leaving Isabella with her father. Poison Fruit - Page 31 - Isabella sits alone in her garden playing her lute. Next chapter