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Poison Fruit - Page 55 - Chapter 4: A Time for Love. Aerial shot of a partially 
    	ruined tower on a sea cliff. Poison Fruit - Page 56 - Antonio gives Delio a rapier fence lesson. Poison Fruit - Page 57 - Antonio and Delio discuss Delio's future martial 
    	arts training. Poison Fruit - Page 58 - Julia appears and sexually propositions Delio. Poison Fruit - Page 59 - Julia reveals that she knows Delio's secret. Poison Fruit - Page 60 - Over breakfast Bosola teases Antonio and Delio
    	about their love lives. Poison Fruit - Page 61 - Vittoria comes home to discover Camillo has made 
    	a major purchase without consulting her. Poison Fruit - Page 62 - Camillo is acosted by his wife while examining his 
    	newly purchased ancient artifact. Poison Fruit - Page 63 - Paolo becomes infatuated with Vittoria when he sees her through an
    	upstairs window. Poison Fruit - Page 64 - Giovanna and Antonio slip away from the picnic party for some time 
    	alone together. Poison Fruit - Page 65 - Antonio worries about repercussions if Giovanna's brothers discover their 
    	relationship.  Giovanna dismisses his concerns. Bosola sees Antonio and Giovana having sex in the woods. Poison Fruit - Page 66 - Arriving at a fancy garden party, Vittoria overhears gossip about Paolo. Poison Fruit - Page 67 - Paolo approaches Vittoria at a party and offers to teach her to play bocce. Poison Fruit - Page 68 - After the bocce game, Paolo worries that he has flirted too agressively 
    	with Vittoria.