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Basilkon Doron: The King's Gift

King James VI/I
edited by Kevin A. Straight

Basilikon Doron, cover image

James Stuart---King James VI of Scotland---wrote Basilikon Doron (``Kingly Gift'') for his then six-year-old son, Henry. The book was meant to distill all of James' knowledge about king-craft, both practical and theoretical, into a brief primer. In 1599 James had seven copies printed, which he entrusted to reliable servants to be given to Henry when he was old enough, even if James did not survive so long---a reasonable precaution, given the short average lifespans of Elizabethan men, particularly those involved in politics. Unfortunately the originally intended audience, Prince Henry, died in 1616, before he could inherit his father's thrones or read the book. Generations of other readers, however, have enjoyed this fascinating glimpse into the mind of an often misunderstood monarch. This edition features modernized spelling and adds copious front-matter and notes, including translations of all non-English words and quotations. Print editions include a full index.

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Snakes & Spiders: The Definitive Change War Collection

Fritz Leiber
edited by Kevin A. Straight

Snakes & Spiders, cover image

“Have you ever worried about your memory, because it doesn't seem to be bringing you exactly the same picture of the past from one day to the next? Have you ever been afraid that your personality was changing because of forces beyond your knowledge or control? Have you ever felt sure that sudden death was about to jump you from nowhere? Have you ever been scared of Ghosts—not the story-book kind, but the billions of beings who were once so real and strong it's hard to believe they'll just sleep harmlessly forever? Have you ever wondered about those things you may call devils or Demons— spirits able to range through all time and space, through the hot hearts of stars and the cold skeleton of space between the galaxies? Have you ever thought that the whole universe might be a crazy, mixed-up dream? If you have, you've had hints of the Change War.”

This collection gathers the original magazine versions of every canonical story in Fritz Leiber's iconic Change War time travel series for the first time. It includes an introduction by Kevin A. Straight, comprehensive Guide to the Change World, timeline of Fritz Leiber's life and works, and list of Change War apocrypha. Physical book editions include full index.

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The University: Its Rise & Progress

John Henry Newman
forward by Kevin A. Straight

The University: Its Rise & Progress, cover image

Follow the history of the university from its beginnings in the ancient world, through the tumultuous dark ages, up to the Victorian period. This work encapsulates Newman's best thinking about the University and is the perfect complement to his better known book The Idea of the University.

This brand-new edition features modern American spelling and punctuation as well as a foreword and notes by author Kevin A. Straight including translations of all the Latin quotations.

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