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Creative Minority Productions

Submission Guidelines

CMP publishes popular non-fiction books, new translations of foreign language classics, and original short story anthologies. We consider academic monographs only if the subject matter is of general interest. We do not publish original novels or poetry collections at this time.

Authors should send a proposal as an e-mail attachment to Kevin Straight at [email protected]. While there is no set format, the proposal should contain the following information:

  1. A synopsis of the book
  2. An outline of proposed chapters
  3. A brief summary of the author(s) qualifications and previous publication history (if any)
  4. A description of the target market for the book and what need it fills. Why would readers want to buy this book instead of, or in addition to, similar works that are already available?

There is no length requirement but, generally speaking, more information is better since it demonstrates that the author has fully thought the project through.