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New for June 2018: Basilikon Doron: The King's Gift When it comes to being a King, James I/VI literally wrote the book! This edition features modernized spelling, copious front matter by Kevin A. Straight, and translations of all of the non-english words and quotations.

Available Now: Snakes & Spiders: The Definitive Change War Collection
This collection gathers the original magazine versions of every canonical story in Fritz Leiber's iconic Change War time travel series for the first time. It includes an introduction by Kevin A. Straight, comprehensive Guide to the Change World, timeline of Fritz Leiber's life and works, and list of Change War apocrypha. Physical book editions include full index.

Snakes & Spiders Cover

What We Do

We are a small production company that makes specialized how-to videos, books, and e-media.

Our name is an homage to 20th Century historian Arnold Toynbee, who theorized that the direction of civilizations was set by a numerically small class of artists and intellectuals, the Creative Minority.

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